Memorial Day trio

Memorial Day trio

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Set of 3 masks 


Double layer of tightly woven cotton, with a slip pocket 

adult size 8” x 6” with a slip pocket at the base of the mask 

If you would like to re use your mask, and intend on washing it.....

PLEASE wash gentle in COOL water and AIR DRY

due to the fact that the CDC guidelines called for the use of tightly woven cotton, these items will shrink if washed any other

 Occasionally we may have to sub in a similar print mask, if there are covid related delays on incoming prints. . If you are unhappy with a subbed product we will either exchange or refund. 

******please note that these are modeled after a surgical mask and do not contain an n95 filter. There’s a little pocket in the bottom that a filer can be inserted into if you have one.